A one armed gorilla that the group came across at the zoo. With his female friend slain and a slow death coming to him at the hands of the zoo keepers, he decided to help the group out in their robbery. Wolfiexe, using a special talisman that let him communicate with animals became fast friends with Majumbo, even to the point of allowing the young adventurer to sit on his shoulder when they traveled around the city.

Known for his pervy nature, peeking at the now Manga DB Moderator 'Ana' in the showers at one point, he had only good intentions in his heart. When he wasn't reading playboy magazines he was solving rubik's cubes and doing his best to help the group out.

Unfortunately, Majumbo met his untimely demise outside a theatre within the city, when the leader of the thieves decided attacking an armed group of city watch was the best decision available.

Peace be with you, old friend...